Over & Done With  

Posted by kryzteta

Twelve years ago my brothers and I went to the Land Transportation Office(LTO) to get ourselves Student Driver Permits. I believe back then the permit was only good for three months. The two got their Driver's License after that while I didn't. They wouldn't teach me how to drive, I was only allowed to either back up or move forward. I actually didn't mind as I got myself two new drivers who are too eager to drive me around...haha!
About four or five years later I accompanied my sister in law to LTO for her license renewal. Got myself a permit. This time it was good for one year but I never took the time to finally learn how to drive in that one year, BF (hubby now) was there to drive me around.

Last year husband would be away for two weeks, a month and even three months which would leave me with a car I wouldn't have the license to drive. Oh and there was even a time I had two, his and mother in law's. So finally on Aug 29 last year, I picked up my lazy butt and went to the LTO to get myself a spankin' new Permit. And what do you know just three days before it expires I finally had the guts to go back to take a written and practical exam!

Woohoo!! After spending seven grueling hours at the LTO they gave me this....

...picture was way better than on any of my Permits. ;D