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What I want. I want to revive this blog. :D

Buttered Garlic Shrimp  

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***This post is dedicated to my brother, Mark.

As I was preparing my bazaar stall last Friday night, I received a text message from Mark asking me how to cook Buttered Shrimp. That was around 7pm. It was hot and I was in a hurry so I thought of just answering him right after I finish. I totally forgot and only remembered around 11pm. My brain was visualizing Mark staring at a platter of uncooked shrimp waiting for my answer. lol!

So here it is Marky!


1tbsp. oil
1 whole garlic head, minced 1/4 cup butter in other words just 1/4 of a whole slab of butter 2 packets of catsup, I know you have plenty of those lying around (the ones you get from take outs) 1/2 kg shrimp
3tbsp. sugar
1tbsp. salt
a packet of chili sauce is optional


1. Make sure that your pan is hot before you put the oil. I don't know why but that's just a habit. lol!
2. Put garlic as soon as you see the oil sizzling.
3. Add in butter when garlic turns light brown.
4. As the butter melt add in catsup, sugar, salt and chili sauce.
5. Mix mix.
6. Add shrimps when the butter has melted and is completely mixed with the catsup.
7. Don't mix. After 3 minutes turn the shrimp to it's other side.
8. Taste. You can add more sugar if you want it sweeter.
9. Let it simmer for 5 minutes over low heat.

That's it! Here's a pic from our lunch today.

For Sale : Lhasa Apso Puppies  

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You all know that my baby gave birth to six adorable puppies. Even if we want to keep them all, we just can't :(

Available are 4 female and 2 male puppies. They were born on April 11, 2009. All have been dewormed, given vitamins everyday and very well taken care of. They are available for releasing on their 2nd month (June 11, 2009), 5 in 1 vaccination would have been administered by then.

Their Mommy


Sister from Batch 2, picture at taken at 2 years old

Another shot taken at 1 year 6 months

Another sister from 2nd Batch

Finally the puppies I am selling

Female Pup #1

Female Pup #2

Female Pup #3

Female Pup #4

Male Pup #5

Male Pup#6


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Been out for months! lol! Anyway, Schnuzle, one of our babies gave birth to six cute puppies a month ago. It's her third litter but this was the only time we were aware of the pregnancy and because of that she was one healthy momma!

The first time was in April 2006, sadly out of seven pups, only one survived :( She was depressed for a while. The second was on November 2006, she was weak and depressed. Weak because six puppies were sucking all the nutrition away from her! Depressed because we cut her long hair. lol!

Just because we don't want her getting depressed again, we had to keep Baxi away from the two girls everytime they're in heat. We finally gave in this time, lol!

Proper nutrition was given, she's really healthy this time, and was only weak for a day.

Lastly let me share one of the less gruesome videos of Schnuzle giving birth:

Home Alone  

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Husband is away for a week and the cold weather makes me miss him.

When I got home from the airport. . . actually its from the airport to my mom's house to my best friend's clinic to the mall . . . okay so when I got back home from the mall I saw his jacket dumped on one of the dining chair. It smelled so good I just had to hug it, lol! I don't usually miss him much when he's away, but that scent just triggered it.

Then the next day silly me included it in my wash. Now I have to wait until Wednesday to hug the real thing.

Happy New Year!  

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I know it's late and I've been MIA for a month! Been busy with a lot of things, bazaars left and right for one, last minute Christmas shopping, the holidays, my birthday and spending time with the family.

Here's December 2008 in pictures. . .

David's (my youngest cousin) Christening and 1st birthday

Cocktail Rings. . .

and quirky looking bookmarks were a couple of my bestsellers.

Christmas Eve dinner was spent at mom's place. Alf & I were home by 11pm, watched DVD and had some snacks.

Prepared lunch and got together with cousins for my birthday :)

We are sixteen cousins on my father's side of the family. Only four are girls. Two are beautiful half Arabic girls living in Dubai and the other two is myself and Abi living here in the Philippines. Oh and did I mention that I am the eldest among all the cousins? I just think it's cool :)

Had the chance to spend a day in Tagaytay with my brothers, their family and mom. . .

Alf & I spent New Year's eve at home. . .

Home made Pavlova for dessert. Yumm!
We will miss the decors, now our house would look totally bare without these. . .

Oh well, let's see what plants can do ;-)

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

My Other Two Babies  

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Schnuzle and Sasha. . .