Home Alone  

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Husband is away for a week and the cold weather makes me miss him.

When I got home from the airport. . . actually its from the airport to my mom's house to my best friend's clinic to the mall . . . okay so when I got back home from the mall I saw his jacket dumped on one of the dining chair. It smelled so good I just had to hug it, lol! I don't usually miss him much when he's away, but that scent just triggered it.

Then the next day silly me included it in my wash. Now I have to wait until Wednesday to hug the real thing.

Happy New Year!  

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I know it's late and I've been MIA for a month! Been busy with a lot of things, bazaars left and right for one, last minute Christmas shopping, the holidays, my birthday and spending time with the family.

Here's December 2008 in pictures. . .

David's (my youngest cousin) Christening and 1st birthday

Cocktail Rings. . .

and quirky looking bookmarks were a couple of my bestsellers.

Christmas Eve dinner was spent at mom's place. Alf & I were home by 11pm, watched DVD and had some snacks.

Prepared lunch and got together with cousins for my birthday :)

We are sixteen cousins on my father's side of the family. Only four are girls. Two are beautiful half Arabic girls living in Dubai and the other two is myself and Abi living here in the Philippines. Oh and did I mention that I am the eldest among all the cousins? I just think it's cool :)

Had the chance to spend a day in Tagaytay with my brothers, their family and mom. . .

Alf & I spent New Year's eve at home. . .

Home made Pavlova for dessert. Yumm!
We will miss the decors, now our house would look totally bare without these. . .

Oh well, let's see what plants can do ;-)

Happy New Year Everyone!!!