Grand Bazaar at The Big Tent  

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I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. I remember selling cute name tags created by my aunt at 2nd Grade. I lived in Dubai from the age of 10 until I was 14, there was a certain part of those years that I would order scented pens from my aunt in the Philippines and sell them to my classmates. In college I would buy watches and even Tamagotchis and again sell them to my friends and classmates.

My love for bazaars began when I rented a booth for a week at a school fair, but studies and later on my job kept me from joining them again. After leaving work last year I have finally had more time to join bazaars and finally have more ways of displaying my craft.

My second bazaar for the year (the first one was a total flop) is ON this weekend!!! May 17-18, 2008, which will be held at The Big Tent located along Holy Spirit Drive, Don Antonio Heights Quezon City.

I will be selling stuff from BeautyStop and BeadBug. Bonus would be for bazaar visitors to have a firsthand look at new items for BeautyStop. I would have:

NYX Concealer in a Jar
NYX Singles
NYX Ultra Pearl Loose Eyeshadows
NYX Lipsticks
NYX Trios (New Shades)
Milani Eyeshadows (2 pcs only up for grabs)
Old Navy Flip Flops
Bath & Body Works Scents (travel size)
Carmex Lip Balm
Monistat Anti Chafing Gel (2tubes available)
J.Lynne cosmetics in sample sizes!!!

Please do come and visit me. I'll be staying both weekends at stall #71, from 10am until 8pm. And if by any chance you saw this blog and visit my booth. Go on introduce yourself and I just might have something for you :D

Happy Mother's Day!!!  

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To my Mom and all Moms out there. . .

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The First Time  

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First Crush. First Date. First Love. First Kiss. But we're not talking about those! First Post. Yes, that's what it is.

My first post in Blogspot.

My original blog is in multiply but having photos, reviews, links etc confuses everything. So the other day I thought to myself, "why not get myself a page in blogspot??" You think that was easy? Well it was easy of course but when I checked "kryzteta" and found out it wasn't available anymore. . . my mind went blank. I don't know what name to use anymore! I have always been kryzteta and I just can't imagine who would get that name and not write anything on it at all.

The blog was blank.

A bright light appeared just above my head. . . hahaha! That translates me having a bright idea of course. I looked for the log-on page, which wasn't easy I tell you, there are just so many things to click at here!

When I finally found it, I immediately clicked on "forgot password", typed in my yahoo email and voila! That freakin' person who registered "kryzteta" and totally left it alone was no other than me!

So here I am two days later after getting myself this cool theme typing away to whatever my fingers lead me to.

There. My first post.