The First Time  

Posted by kryzteta

First Crush. First Date. First Love. First Kiss. But we're not talking about those! First Post. Yes, that's what it is.

My first post in Blogspot.

My original blog is in multiply but having photos, reviews, links etc confuses everything. So the other day I thought to myself, "why not get myself a page in blogspot??" You think that was easy? Well it was easy of course but when I checked "kryzteta" and found out it wasn't available anymore. . . my mind went blank. I don't know what name to use anymore! I have always been kryzteta and I just can't imagine who would get that name and not write anything on it at all.

The blog was blank.

A bright light appeared just above my head. . . hahaha! That translates me having a bright idea of course. I looked for the log-on page, which wasn't easy I tell you, there are just so many things to click at here!

When I finally found it, I immediately clicked on "forgot password", typed in my yahoo email and voila! That freakin' person who registered "kryzteta" and totally left it alone was no other than me!

So here I am two days later after getting myself this cool theme typing away to whatever my fingers lead me to.

There. My first post.

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