Coffee Addict  

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Not me. Coffee tends to make me sleepy, could it be because I drink around 3 strong cups of it when I was 13 just to keep me awake during late night studying? Hmmm...

I had a couple of thriving basil pots a couple of months ago until husband accidentally dropped something on one of the pots. A few days later Alf came to me and said, "I think one of your basil is dying". I was in shock, it was already dry and bent. So I said "It's dying anyway, why don't you throw the leftover coffee granules from the Coffee Press?"

And so he did. A few days later it was straight (without me putting any stick to keep it up) and the leaves were beautiful and glossy.

I did not know that Coffee was good for plants, I just had that idea because I saw packs of used Coffee Granules for free at Starbucks.

Found these sites on google:

I passed by Starbucks last night and was given a huge bag of coffee grains! I thought it was just too much, but I finished it all up today on old plants and some new ones we got today. Let's see what happens, one of my basil is dying already, I'll take pictures this time and post it on another entry. :)

My Space  

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I have been on the look out for a good vanity table ever since husband and I moved in, even mentioned it here months ago. The ones I've seen are either too big, out of my budget, too small or looks cheap. So I made my old desk work for me and husband was even kind enough to install lights on it. But it was getting cramped, and so one day Alf asked the carpenter if he could also make a vanity table after he finished with the kitchen.

Design was simple but it has lots of space. The mirror may be off but I did not want to have it painted, it has been with my mom for 16 years already.

I think the knobs made it look pretty.

Here's how it looked with the doors open. Please don't mind the mess on the reflection ;D

Husband originally didn't want me to put anything outside the table. . .he eventually gave in :)

For lighting I just might put a desk lamp on top. I don't want to screw holes for now.

My New Kitchen  

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I am so happy! It's finally finished! The 3 week sacrifice was so worth it.

I love cooking with the new hob. I don't have to stir on tip toes because I can now see what's inside the pan.

I love the red tiles. I loved it even more because it was set diagonally. I saw this in one US series I was watching last year and I told myself "I should have that too!"

I love the space it provides. Husband thought we didn't have enough space for all our stuff, it turns out we have more.

I love the drawers! I don't know why, maybe because I have been deprived off it for almost a year.

Dinner anyone? Kitchen renovation was expensive so you provide the meal ;D

Letting Go of my Assumption Bazaar Slot  

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My friend and I would like to join another one on the same weekend :)

To be hel at Intercon Hotel.

Date: Nov 23, 2008
Time : 9am-7pm
Price: P6,500 (It's originally priced at P7000)

Booth size is 5ft by 6 ft. It includes a 2 1/2 by 6ft table.

Taking Shape  

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Total Chaos  

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Our kitchen is finally having a make over and the whole house is a disaster!
Dusts everywhere. Kitchen tools in boxes...making it hard for me to just peel a potato, because I can't find the peeler! Food served from their pots. Breakfast and lunch taken in one of the upstairs room. Dinner in front of the TV. Oh and did I mention that our garage are filled with boxes and building materials that actually prevented me to pull out my good ol' washing machine just so I could do the laundry???

Oh well, everything will be finished by Saturday and I just can't wait to finally, finally put my kitchen in to good use.

But then again, after computing all expenses, I just had to ask husband, "Will we still have money to buy food?" lol!

So goodbye old kitchen. . .

...sorry but I don't think I'm gonna miss yah.

Roadtrip to Vigan  

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I was trying to cross-post my blogger with my multiply blog...but later decided to just re-post some old posts. Here's one from a roadtrip husband and I had last year up North of the Philippines...


Day 2...hmmm...I don't remember doing anything...I think I was just sleeping the whole time...oh I visited this fave shop in the afternoon pala, bought some cheap but cute undies again..hehehe...
...oh wait, I do remember now, that's when Alf told me that we really are going to Ilocos the next day...just the 2 of us! The only alone time we have after our wedding :D

He demanded I sleep early cause he knew how I hate waking up really early but I was so excited the next day that I woke up at 3 am, 30 minutes before the alarm went off! First time I ever did for the past months or year??

I loved this roadtrip! Ilagan to Vigan,like Manila, is also a 10 hour trip, but this one is pretty exciting because of the beautiful sceneries along the way....

The moon was still visible at 5:30am in Tuguegarao (pic is blurry though) .....

Magapit Suspension Bridge, the only suspension bridge in the country located at Lal-Lo Cagayan spawning almost 1km crossing the mighty Cagayan River connecting the municipality to the western municipalities of Cagayan leading to the Ilocos Region...

Ilocos Norte-Cagayan boundary viewdeck....

Mapapa relax ka talaga sa ganda ng view....

Dusty car at the viewdeck...we didn't have it washed in Isabela kase madudumihan din naman eh....

You only get to see this view if you are coming from Cagayan to Ilocos...

After 9 hours!

First thing we did was look for a place to stay in and found a cheap but decent stop was the bank. We were to make an over the counter withdrawal, but unfortunately they were offline, I went to National Bookstore while Alf wait...

The view from the 2nd floor of NBS.

Kalesas at Plaza Salcedo...

Vigan Cathedral...

Calle Crisologo

We finally went back to our hotel around 7pm...Alf was asleep by 9, while I can't sleep at all! Our room had to twin beds, but we opt to just sleep in one and keep our bags on the other one. I had to force myself to sleep cause I kept on imagining that there was someone on the other bed looking at me...spooky!

Venture 7 Bazaar at Hotel Intercon (Oct 4-5, 2008)  

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Another bazaar for all of you to visit this weekend!

Where: Hotel Intercon (Makati)
When : October 4&5 2008
Time : 9:00am - 7:00pm

Wares from BeautyStop and BeadBug* will be on display.

I'm also sharing a booth with my good friend Adi of Chihuahua Couture.

Tickets good for both weekends are being sold for P50.00. I have a few tickets up for grabs!

Some pics from my previous bazaars....

* Site has not been updated in a while...ok ok :) It has not been updated for the longest time :)

Meet Baxi  

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I think he's part rabbit... he loves carrots!

....and he eats like one!