Total Chaos  

Posted by kryzteta

Our kitchen is finally having a make over and the whole house is a disaster!
Dusts everywhere. Kitchen tools in boxes...making it hard for me to just peel a potato, because I can't find the peeler! Food served from their pots. Breakfast and lunch taken in one of the upstairs room. Dinner in front of the TV. Oh and did I mention that our garage are filled with boxes and building materials that actually prevented me to pull out my good ol' washing machine just so I could do the laundry???

Oh well, everything will be finished by Saturday and I just can't wait to finally, finally put my kitchen in to good use.

But then again, after computing all expenses, I just had to ask husband, "Will we still have money to buy food?" lol!

So goodbye old kitchen. . .

...sorry but I don't think I'm gonna miss yah.

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