Why Oh Why Oh Why???  

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Did rain choose to pour out today? On the ONE day I have the chance to do the laundry???


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My floors were clean and sparkly because of all the cleaning yesterday. Wiping a wet spot whenever I see one. Then came mother in law with driver in tow. Okay so it's not a requirement to remove his shoes, but can't he please wipe it at least on the rug outside??? Dirty shoe marks on my floors!!! I gasped and almost fainted. I had to do everything all over again this morning.
Some might think I'm overreacting, but my husband is OC. I just want him to come home and see a clean house before him. :) I'm not much into cleaning but before we got married we already made a deal that he cleans and I cook, do the dishes and the laundry. ;D

Bazaar This Weekend (July 19-20)  

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When : July 19-20
Time : 10am-8pm
Where: The Big Tent. Don Antonio Heights Quezon City.

I'll be at booth 36. See you there!!!


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Husband has been in Shanghai and Hong Kong for almost a month now, and I am just soooo excited to finally have him back tomorrow. I think I was already going nuts last week, being home alone and all.

I've been busy cleaning up the house;

sprucing it up with new plants,

cleaned the fountain,

mopped the floors,

washed the curtains and tons of rugs! (no pics, rugs are still drying)

Phew! Our house is small but cleaning was a total work out gave me an excuse for missing the gym, haha!

Tomorrow morning would be bath time for our three doggies, I wouldn't want hubby to think I've been neglecting our babies ;D

Letting Go  

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I was on a trip to Singapore last month and before paying for whatever it was at the cashier I would think of which item from my make up stash should I let go just so I COULD justify my purchase.

I've been back for almost a month now and it was only yesterday did I finally have the courage to post my precious babies :(

Maybe you want to take a look before I change my mind....

Check them out at BeautyStop

New Stuff @ BeautyStop  

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New Arrivals at BeautyStop!

Take a peek at what we have. . .

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