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My floors were clean and sparkly because of all the cleaning yesterday. Wiping a wet spot whenever I see one. Then came mother in law with driver in tow. Okay so it's not a requirement to remove his shoes, but can't he please wipe it at least on the rug outside??? Dirty shoe marks on my floors!!! I gasped and almost fainted. I had to do everything all over again this morning.
Some might think I'm overreacting, but my husband is OC. I just want him to come home and see a clean house before him. :) I'm not much into cleaning but before we got married we already made a deal that he cleans and I cook, do the dishes and the laundry. ;D

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no no. you're not overreacting... people just need to be conscious sometimes. i'm a bit OC too eh. haha!

August 5, 2008 at 1:29 PM

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