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Not me. Coffee tends to make me sleepy, could it be because I drink around 3 strong cups of it when I was 13 just to keep me awake during late night studying? Hmmm...

I had a couple of thriving basil pots a couple of months ago until husband accidentally dropped something on one of the pots. A few days later Alf came to me and said, "I think one of your basil is dying". I was in shock, it was already dry and bent. So I said "It's dying anyway, why don't you throw the leftover coffee granules from the Coffee Press?"

And so he did. A few days later it was straight (without me putting any stick to keep it up) and the leaves were beautiful and glossy.

I did not know that Coffee was good for plants, I just had that idea because I saw packs of used Coffee Granules for free at Starbucks.

Found these sites on google:

I passed by Starbucks last night and was given a huge bag of coffee grains! I thought it was just too much, but I finished it all up today on old plants and some new ones we got today. Let's see what happens, one of my basil is dying already, I'll take pictures this time and post it on another entry. :)

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