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Been out for months! lol! Anyway, Schnuzle, one of our babies gave birth to six cute puppies a month ago. It's her third litter but this was the only time we were aware of the pregnancy and because of that she was one healthy momma!

The first time was in April 2006, sadly out of seven pups, only one survived :( She was depressed for a while. The second was on November 2006, she was weak and depressed. Weak because six puppies were sucking all the nutrition away from her! Depressed because we cut her long hair. lol!

Just because we don't want her getting depressed again, we had to keep Baxi away from the two girls everytime they're in heat. We finally gave in this time, lol!

Proper nutrition was given, she's really healthy this time, and was only weak for a day.

Lastly let me share one of the less gruesome videos of Schnuzle giving birth:

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