Stormy Sunday  

Posted by kryzteta

Woke up this morning hearing strong winds and the palms from our neighbor's Coconut Tree flapping angrily. Looked at our clock. 5:30am. That was when I suddenly got off the bed, changed to something decent and grabbed the car keys. No I wasn't late for anything. Haha! I just didn't want coconuts dropping in our new windshield which gave us a P4350 (about $100) dent in our pocket.

Went back to sleep. Woke up with a jolt again about an hour later to check our house of any drips. None yet.

Slept again. Woke up only to cook lunch and supposedly get ready for church. But the thing is, there was no electricity, in our house no electricity means no water and uh-oh we won't be able to open our gates too! (We haven't figured out how to work it manually)

Husband & I stayed home the whole day. Ate. Surfed. Watched TV. Ate again. Watched Videos. And just before I hit the bed at 1am (Monday), I went to the next room to get a pen and what do I see??? Carpet and Sofa bed soaking wet!!! arrrrggggghhhh. . .

Oh by the way, I don't live by the beach, that picture was taken last year on one of our "stormy" beach trips. . .

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